Erin Lord

The first mention of you intrigued my quieted mind.

Dull nearly incapacitated lacking in inspiration.

A flood of dopamine, so pure and unfamiliar.

Take it higher, hold on tighter.

Let his wings overtake you.

Soft whispers into his shoulder “Love to be yours”

Tears shed.

Brushed and bleed, rather be…

Water pooling at the soles of my feet,

Iron bars as strong as my will to live,

Rising water in an old locket drain,

“I don’t want to drown.”

Pouring rain grows the small pool of water,

Rising higher and higher,

“I don't want to drown.”

Lips gaped through the…

Eery eyes, flying in forbidden skies.

Golden rims grace the tears of astrological gods.

Blistering red irises gaze upon puny man,

Astomatous being of solace, though with some malice.

Faint ears are given the faint hush of words, “Be not afraid”.

Of in the planes, not too far. The blood-curdling…

I normally drool every night while asleep, though I never really had this happen to me. I woke up last night with the taste of blood; when I went to move, a black widow crawled out of my mouth covered and wrenching in spit.

Grandma was good,
Grandma was great,
Until she locked me in a laundry crate.

To the lake we went,
Gasping for air out the vent.
There I go I sank my life was spent.

As I floated I was noted,
Grandma was seized,
Most were pleased.

But I lay unrested,

Erin Lord

Erin Lord

Published Poet and Self published in web comics